No cookie-cutter homes here.

The Hamlet

Walkable community extending its North Village into Oldham County, offering highly-sought after lots now.

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Homes for sale in Norton Commons offer new construction in a walkable, new urbanist community. How you measure the value of a neighborhood depends on what you want to get out of it. Life at Norton Commons is all about the classic conveniences of a mixed-use community. With shops and restaurants nearby, you spend less time getting there and more time enjoying them. Whether you bike, drive or go on foot, there’s plenty of space, plenty of time and plenty to do.

When you compare Norton Commons to other upscale neighborhoods, consider everything that comes with your home; convenience, amenities and community. And we invite you to compare the price, too. We think you’ll be surprised by what you find. For value, lifestyle and even price, nothing else measures up to the homes at Norton Commons.

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Blissful views and good people

Unique homes for sale in Norton Commons with well-tended lawns, tree-lined streets, abundant green spaces make Norton Commons the place you want to call home. With well-crafted homes set in a walkable, new urbanist community that features over 100 retail businesses, professional services, and restaurants, you’ll experience the neighborhood feel that makes Norton Commons so uncommon.


More life per square foot

With over 160 acres of green and civic space, you’ll be drawn to spending more time enjoying the outdoors and exploring the neighborhood. Miles of walking trails will take you past breathtaking vistas that include a wildflower garden, rose garden, and extensive green spaces. Your walk will be shaded by hundreds of large, native species trees. You can expect summer evenings filled with outdoor concerts and events at the lakeside amphitheater and take advantage of three convenient dog parks, all within walking distance.